Stage One: Dream 


Many years ago – before digital photography, all photos were developed in a dark-room. What started as a blurred image was nurtured until it became clear. Then it was printed as a rich and vibrant image.

Your dreams are similar. What starts as a hazy, undefined image becomes stronger over time – especially if it is nurtured. Focusing on the dream, in the right way, can help it become reality much sooner. Alternatively, a dream left undeveloped will stay on the shelf.

Before you can move the dream to reality, you need to focus on what you really – really want! Is this dream something you want to be? Perhaps it’s something you want to do? Or maybe it’s something you want to have? Often it is a mixture of all three.

If you are at crossroads in your career, business or any area of your life – this next exercise is a great starting point to help you find direction. Even if you already have a vibrant dream it is worth following the steps below as they will help you to see the developing goal in a wider context.



 How to Develop Your Dream


What Do You Want to Be, Do or Have?



All dreams revolve around something we want to ‘be’, ‘do’ or ‘have’. This is true whether we are talking about our professional or personal aspirations. When you look closely, all of our goals and dreams fit into all of these areas, not just one. However, we often just see one aspect which makes it difficult to develop the dream into a tangible goal.

If you already have a dream, write down everything that dream will give you in terms of what you will be, do or have as a result of acheiving it. If you don’t have a dream yet, scroll down to access a tool which will help.

Let your imagination run wild. When you run out of ideas, take a break then go back and add some more. Don’t think about the practicalities or obstacles yet, concentrate on what you really, really want in a perfect world, where nothing could stand in your way.

Once your list is written, allow your mind to work on it over the next 24 hours. When you think of another idea add it to the list. Each time you run out of ideas – try to think of 2 more, then another two! The purpose of the list is quantity, not quality at the moment!

After 24 hours review your list, fill in anything else that has come into your mind and that you have not yet recorded. By now you should have a huge list!

Now use a highlighter pen to choose the items which mean the most to you – what feels really good when you see it on the list? What excites you when you imagine it? Imagine that you are living that dream now – what would you say to your other self (the one who hasn’t achieved it yet?)

Once you have the dream established in your imagination you can move on to the next stage – make it real