DRIVEN © Goals

Stage Four: Values


If you have read the previous issues of the DRIVEN © blog you will have developed a goal which you can visualise clearly and that you are inspired by.

Now is the time to make sure that you are being true to yourself whilst pursuing your goal!

Knowing your core values is an important element of setting goals. You will be far more motivated to achieve goals which support your values rather than those which conflict with them.

For example, you may value ‘security’ above everything else. If so, a goal which encourages you to take a risk will trigger your subconscious mind to avoid taking action. (Otherwise known as procrastination!)

There are several ways to address this situation once you understand your values. It often helps to look at the goal from a different perspective (eg the risks of not taking action). Alternatively you can redesign your action plan to include a ‘safety net’.

What are your Values?

Try the following exercise to determine your values, then check them against your goals

  1. Follow the link blow for a list of common values
  2. Select the values that you feel are most important to you (or create your own)
  3. After you have chosen your values put them in order of importance.
  4. Choose the top ten.
  5. Then narrow it down by choosing the top three.
  6. Look at each of your top three values in relation to your goal – how does (or could) your goal support these values?

Identify your values