Are You Ready To Create Your Own Future?

Do you find yourself getting stuck and not moving towards your goals? Are you unsure about what it is you want, or how to move forward?

Sallisford Coaching Programmes are designed to enable you to focus on the future, decide on whats important and overcome obstacles.

As your coach, I will help you to focus on creating and achieving meaningful, DRIVEN © goals professionally and personally. You’ll discover techniques to avoid procrastination and will take consistent action towards your goals during and after your programme. As a result, your confidence will improve, and you will feel much more in control.

Would you like to find out more? I offer a free 45 minute Goal Review Consultation on Skype or Zoom. Just click below to make an appointment now.

How DRIVEN © is your Goal?


Try this free and simple quiz to find the strength of your goal.  The higher the score, the easier your goal will be to achieve.



Goal Breakthrough Programmes

Let me help you breakthrough your blocks to achieve your goal in either one, three or six months. Work with me on a 1:1 basis online from anywhere in the world, and let’s move your business or career forward now.
Coaching is a powerful tool to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be, faster and more effectively than going it alone. If you want to enhance your personal performance in order to find and meet the demands of new opportunities, then coaching is for you. You will also find it ideal for solving problems, increasing motivation and building confidence……


“Linda really helped me find tools to help me move forward in my personal and professional life.”

Working with Linda has helped me get more organised and has helped me really see some good things about myself. I gained clarity and focus by identifying the things that are important to me right now and I also saw the things that are holding me back from living the life I want. We then worked on building my confidence to deal with these areas and Linda really helped me find tools to help me move forward in my personal and professional life. Linda created a safe and non-judgemental environment for me, which I really appreciated.
Victoria Thygesen
Galway, Ireland


Join me for an  online workshop to to discover new tools to move both your business and life forward. Attend from the comfort of your own home and meet like-minded people  while learning new tools and techniques to achieve success.


Are You Excited By your Goals?

  DRIVEN © Goals  Stage Five: Exciting   Have you ever wondered why some goals seem easy to achieve and others not? Often this bears no relation whatsoever to the actual level of difficulty. Easy goals can seem tedious. Difficult goals can seem impossible. It all...

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Be True To Your Values

DRIVEN © Goals Stage Four: Values   If you have read the previous issues of the DRIVEN © blog you will have developed a goal which you can visualise clearly and that you are inspired by. Now is the time to make sure that you are being true to yourself whilst pursuing...

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Be Inspired To Reach Your Goals

DRIVEN © Goals Stage Three: Inspired If you have read the previous issues of the DRIVEN © blog, you will have developed a goal which has become very real to you. It will no longer be in soft-focus as it is now sharp and detailed in your mind. Now is the time to make...

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“With your guidance I achieved a goal I set out to achieve 5 years ago!…”

Linda, I have to thank you so sincerely for all your invaluable help, with your guidance I have achieved a goal I set out to reach 5 years ago – in only 6 weeks!!

Linda guided me expertly to find my own wisdom about how to achieve it and with her help any stumbling blocks that had made me shy away from getting started on it in the past, seemed very easy to deal with. One of the biggest benefits from working with Linda has been the change in my attitude, I can now honestly say that I feel more confident, positive and capable and so ready to achieve more of my goals!!, thank you so much.

Helen O’Brien

Galway, Ireland