One of the hot topics with many of my clients at the moment is around the subject of fear. Fear of what’s happening at the moment and fear of the future. But whilst we may not be able to control what’s going on around us, we can change our own perspective and reaction to it.

Change The Movie: Change Your Future

We naturally play ‘internal movies’ by visualising what we believe will happen in the future. Many of these movies/beliefs have developed recently, in light of what is going on around us, whereas others have developed over a long period of time, as a result of old experiences and expectations.

By repeating these movies, we convince ourselves that they are true even when they are not. This is because our subconscious can only make judgments on what it sees, hears or feels. What’s more, the brain will even gather evidence to support this perceived reality. (We will take more notice of other people’s opinions, news stories etc if they support our own perspective at the time). 

Then if we play the movie often enough, our subconscious will find opportunities to move us closer to ‘living the dream’ – even if it is more of a nightmare!.

Often, the movies we play are out of date or even counterproductive. In other words, these thoughts and pictures have become automatic and are holding us back from embracing positive change.

To get rid of the old movie, we must replace it with a new one. You may remember the old Betamax or VHS tapes that you could use to record movies from the TV. Once you had watched the movie, you could just record something else over the top.

Well that’s what we need to do with our internal movies when they are no longer useful to us!

However, in the case of reprogramming our own movies, the new one must be much more vibrant and enticing than the old one! By replaying this new movie often enough, your subconscious will begin to believe this as a new reality and start searching for opportunities and evidence to prove it true and achievable.


Step 1:  Visualise
Relax and imagine your goal as though it is already happening. Visualise yourself being successful and happy, overcoming any obstacles easily. Imagine your surroundings, who is with you? Add as much detail as possible keeping it positive and in the ‘now’. If any negative thoughts turn up – just push them away politely, you don’t need them anymore, they don’t belong to you. If you have difficulty in getting rid of a particular negative thought or self-criticism, write it down on a piece of paper and rip it up.

Step 2:  Add Sensations
Now add intensity and vibrancy to your movie. Turn it into HD and Technicolor. Use all of your senses to bring the dream to life. Step into the picture by adding sounds, tastes, smells and touch. How does success feel?

In your dream, success must be happening now and not in the future (if you dream it is in the future, that is where it will stay). The more vibrant the dream, the more successful it will be in ‘recording’ over the old one.

Step 3: Reward
Add a final part to your movie by imagining your reward. Make this fun. You are laughing and smiling, surrounded by family, friends or work colleagues. This is a final ‘anchor’ to keep you on track.
Play your movie on a loop for a couple of minutes at least twice a day, until it becomes natural and you no longer have any negative thoughts popping in to your mind. Then play it once or twice a day to keep it alive.