The Five Stage Focus System © is a simple strategy to help you to set and achieve your goals. This system works for any goal – personal or professional – large or small.


A ‘Driven’ goal will act like a magnet, drawing you towards it. The best goal will appeal to both the logical, conscious part of your brain but also to the emotional, subconscious part. This is because 95% of the actions we all take each day are controlled by our subconscious. So, if we rely on logic alone, we are setting ourselves up for failure. By combining logic and emotion you will be able to develop relevant goals which drive you forward. Click Here to learn more about Driven Goals.


We are all creatures of habit and can easily fall into routines and thought patterns which sabotage our success. By opening your mind and challenging old assumptions and beliefs you will create an environment for success. Working out the reality of ‘now’ will enable you to capitalise on your real strengths and find ways around your weaknesses. It will also help you to be flexible enough to respond well to opportunities and threats.


With a clear and ‘Driven’ Goal you have something specific to aim at, but how do you close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be? Now is the time to take a step back and look at your options before setting your strategy – rather than just jumping to the first plan.

Using creative thinking techniques and keeping your mind open will help you to identify a range of ideas and actions to achieve your aim. 


When you have an abundance of ideas you can start building your bridge between where you are now and where you want to be. Some of your ideas will be more effective or practical than others as you have your own unique selection of skills and resources. Take a look at the options and choose which ones are the right ones for you and in which order you will take them.


Now is the time to act. Small, consistent steps are far more effective than short bursts followed by inaction. Even large steps can be broken down to help you avoid the feeling of overwhelm. Keep visualising your overall goal but keep your focus on the first step in your plan, then the next and the next. Review your progress and be flexible but keep going forward. Referring back to your ‘Driven’ goal, keeping an open mind, and concentrating on small steps, will help you to stay confident and avoid procrastination.