You may already know about SMART goals, but have you ever heard of DRIVEN goals?

SMART goals are logical – but the truth is, most of our actions are driven by emotion, not logic. That’s why great goals are both SMART and DRIVEN.

When a goal appeals to our emotions, it becomes embedded into our sub-conscious mind. That’s when we start to see opportunities to move towards success and to gain the confidence to take the small, consistent steps to get us to where we want to be.

A DRIVEN goal will look and feel like this:

Dream – All great goals start in the imagination. Usually they begin as a seed of an idea, often in soft focus. As the ‘dream’ develops it becomes more detailed. When you have a goal in mind make sure that you dream it (or imagine it) as vividly and as often as you can. Make a ‘movie’ in your head where you have already achieved your goal, and everything is wonderful. If you find negative thoughts drifting in, make a note of them and investigate them in the next stage. See My blog on visualisation

Real – Now is the time to add detail and reality to your goal by writing down exactly what you want to achieve in one positive sentence. Use the SMART acronym if it helps, ie Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound.

Inspired– Inspiration will motivate you to follow through. What is inspiring you to achieve your goal?

Values – Our values are the underlying principles which drive our unconscious decisions. If your goal does not resonate with your values, there will be an inner subconscious conflict which will slow you down or even prevent you from taking action. Read here to discover your values

Exciting – A goal which is challenging will excite us and encourage us to strive for more success. Obstacles will seem like games to win instead of insurmountable walls to climb. The satisfaction of achieving each milestone makes us feel good by releasing endorphins – natures ‘happy drug’. Each triumph makes us want to achieve more until we are almost addicted to success.

Necessary – When you know and feel that the goal is essential for you to be, do or have and is what you really want, it will become a priority over the other less important goals vying for the attention of your subconscious.

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