Living A Balanced Life

Living a Balanced Life Coaching Programme

If you have been busy dealing with day to day issues, only to find that you are juggling too many conflicting priorities, it is time to take a step back, re-prioritise and step forward again with focus.

This programme will enable you to regain balance in whatever area(s) of your life you need.


Over a 12-week period you will work with Linda (via Zoom) for a total of 7 sessions, to make fast progress towards achieving a balanced life.

There will be email support between sessions and up to three mini-sessions if required. During this time, you will also learn about yourself, your strengths, what motivates you to succeed and what gets in your way.

You will also receive a follow up session three months after completion of the programme to keep you on track.
Plus, you will learn valuable tools and techniques to keep you moving forward consistently even after your programme has finished.

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When you book your 3-month Balanced Life Programme with Linda you will receive a link to complete a DISC Behavioural and Personality Profile questionnaire prior to commencing your first session.

You will also receive your Goal Focus Workbook and Goal Focus Journal emailed in PDF format.

3 Month Balanced Life Programme €750

Pay by Paypal or use your debit or credit card using the Paypal system. You do not need a Paypal account.

“Linda helped me to move forward with the many challenges that I had with great positivity.”

I had six coaching sessions with Linda over Skype and found her to be a great coach with a great ability to see the positives out of situations. She helped me move forward with the many challenges that I had with great positivity.

The Skype coaching was also much more convenient than the coaching I have had in the past where you have to meet the coach. I found it much easier to fit it into my schedule and could relax for a few minutes prior to each session to help me get focused. I would highly recommend Linda as a coach.

John Nolan, Glasgow, UK

About Sallisford Coaching

Linda Ford is a Personal Development Coach and Trainer who works with clients from all over the world, helping them to achieve success with drive and focus.

Working with Linda via Skype will save you time and resources, allowing you to focus 100% on setting and achieving your goals.

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