Carrie Budds

Carrie Budds Galway, Ireland

When I started working with Linda, I had been self-employed for about 3 years and I was moving into a new area in my business. My approach to business was very reactive and I knew some of the areas I needed to work on. But I felt like these areas were just things that “people are either good or bad at”, and I was bad at them! By working with Linda, I was able to put a structure on the areas which I thought I was bad at and then allow myself to focus on the areas which I enjoyed (and which we also identified through Linda’s coaching). It has been a thoroughly worthwhile and rewarding experience working with Linda, and I feel I wouldn’t have come as far as I have in 12 short months if it hadn’t been for her support, expertise and sessions. Thank you Linda!

Shenaz Sherk

Shenaz Sherk USA

Linda has a fantastic ability to create rapport because I almost forgot we were communicating via skype as it felt like we were speaking in person. Using Skype worked out great for me as it was both convenient and a time saver. Allowing me to work with someone international that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Linda’s manner is very encouraging and supportive. Which made it very easy for me to feel comfortable enough in each session to address fears and gain clarity around my goals. She has a gift of helping turn the abstract into tangible and actionable steps. When my ideas have seemingly felt all over the place Linda has done a great job to help me organize them in a systematic way. Helping me structure my thinking towards physical steps I could take towards moving forward. For example, helping me identify clear criteria against which to evaluate content I’ve written. And clear measures to track changes and improvements. Even prior to starting each coaching sessions the session preparation form help me check in and prioritize the next-step goal Linda seemed to have a knack for coming up with analogies that fit me to a “T’ and were funny too. I love the symbolic and visual analogies she applied towards creating empowered perspectives. And helping me identify and challenging the limiting perceptions feeding the stuck state I was experiencing. This not only fueled my motivation but helped bring humor to what otherwise can feel overwhelming. Linda was thus great at helping me reframe my thinking in ways that helped mobilize momentum. Thank you so much for your time and guidance Linda, I sincerely appreciate it.

John Nolan

John Nolan Glasgow, UK

I had six coaching sessions with Linda over Skype and found her to be a great coach with a great ability to see the positives out of situations. She helped me move forward with the many challenges that I had with great positivity. The Skype coaching was also much more convenient than the coaching I have had in the past where you have to meet the coach. I found it much easier to fit it into my schedule and could relax for a few minutes prior to each session to help me get focused. I would highly recommend Linda as a coach.

Penny Gray

Penny Gray Oxford, UK

Many thanks Linda for your expert coaching via Skype. It’s been brilliant. You helped me to create the vision of an ‘island of meaningful and worthwhile work’ and navigate the steps towards it with great skill and care. I’ve especially appreciated your generosity of spirit and your assistance in recognising the central importance of my values as a significant motivating force in working towards my goal. I am very much looking forward to continuing our work together.

Helen O'Brien

Helen O'Brien Galway, Ireland

Linda, I have to thank you so sincerely for all your invaluable help, with your guidance I have achieved a goal I set out to reach 5 years ago – in only 6 weeks!! Linda guided me expertly to find my own wisdom about how to achieve it and with her help any stumbling blocks that had made me shy away from getting started on it in the past, seemed very easy to deal with. One of the biggest benefits from working with Linda has been the change in my attitude, I can now honestly say that I feel more confident, positive and capable and so ready to achieve more of my goals!!, thank you so much.

L. O'Connor

L. O'Connor Galway, Ireland

I found Linda’s half day workshop flew by – lots of encouragement and very professionally delivered. I hadn’t expected to get so much but now I feel re-energised to move on with the steps I need to achieve my goals.

Victoria Thygesen

Victoria Thygesen Galway, Ireland

Working with Linda has helped me get more organised and has helped me really see some good things about myself. I gained clarity and focus by identifying the things that are important to me right now and I also saw the things that are holding me back from living the life I want. We then worked on building my confidence to deal with these areas and Linda really helped me find tools to help me move forward in my personal and professional life. Linda created a safe and non-judgemental environment for me, which I really appreciated.

Sandra Heim

Sandra Heim Fulcha, Germany

Before working with Linda I felt very stuck with writing an e-book and it seemed to me that I would never finish it. With Linda’s excellent understanding about people in the creative sector, I made a huge shift. She knows how the creative mind works and how to unlock it. Linda helped me develop the confidence and clarity I needed to follow through and get the e-book written. I have now achieved a big milestone on my way to launch my new business. I can recommend her to anyone in the highest terms.

Sumaira M.

Sumaira M. Birmingham, England

Linda really motivated me, especially at a time when I had a lot of will but no motivation to move forward in my life. She is such a lovely person and although we haven’t met face to face, she was still able to communicate with me personally on a one to one basis. I am eternally grateful for Linda’s support and encouragement to reach my goals.

Jane C.

Jane C. Leeds, England

Linda’s style of coaching was encouraging and not prescribed. She helped me to establish my main goal and to break it down into manageable chunks. The sessions were interesting and thought provoking, and we used a variety of tools to achieve the different stages. I now understand what motivates me and how my values are compatible with my goal.

Michael Duke

Michael Duke Galway, Ireland

Linda Ford gets my highest recommendation as an executive coach and mentor. I have known her the past year in networking events and in the Galway Business Club. Her unique ability to recognise, understand, and explain complex business relationships has revolutionised my thinking, and most importantly, my actions. I name Linda as one of the top contributors to the success that I enjoy as a business professional today.

Catherine Dunne

Catherine Dunne Galway, Ireland

I have just completed Linda’s working from home business workshop and, although I’ve run my business from home for many years, this gave me new insights into how to become more focused and productive. The workshop was fun, professional, yet extremely effective. I highly recommend Linda’s workshops and her one-to-one coaching.

Donncha Foley

Donncha Foley Galway, Ireland

Thanks for all your help over the last 5 months. I have found our 1 hour sessions of great assistance to me both personally in developing my leadership skills, but also on a practical level in setting and achieving strategic goals and taking more control of my work on a day to day basis. In many ways our hour long sessions have been the most productive hour in each month, as your support and coaching have impacted on everything that I do. You have a fantastic ability in showing others how to make the complicated simple, and how to make ideas reality.

Shirley Graham

Shirley Graham Dublin, Ireland

Linda brings incredible energy and focus to her coaching work. She mentored me while I was developing the strategic plan for my new business. As a first time entrepreneur her careful questioning, clarification of my goals, and support of my ability to overcome obstacles was invaluable. I always looked forward to our sessions because I knew she would point out something in my blindspot that would be important for me to acknowledge if I was to advance, and she would blast through any resistance I had to being my best self. I have the deepest respect for Linda and the way she works and cannot recommend her and her methods highly enough.

Zoe Whitby

Zoe Whitby England

It has been very beneficial to work with Linda over 5 coaching sessions around developing my business. She has first class listening and questioning skills and her ability to summarise and reflect back has really helped me to understand why I am thinking what I’m thinking and where to go next with it. The focus this has provided has enabled me to pin myself down to take actions – in the same way I do with my own clients! Every coach needs a coach!

John Gilchrist

John Gilchrist Galway, Ireland

Linda is easy to get along with and yet determined to help you reach your goals. I knew little about coaching but it turned out to be a fun and interesting experience. But most importantly it was effective.

William Comet

William Comet London, England

Linda Ford is a well-organised, warm, friendly and reliable coach who helped me progress in my own business and life. She is fun to work with and cares about her work and her clients. You will make progress with Linda. No doubt.

M. Crowe

M. Crowe Galway, Ireland

I attended a Career Boost Workshop which Linda ran in collaboration with Laura Greene, Career’s Advisor. I found the course to be thought provoking and it has really given me the material to Jumpstart my career.

Nour-Eddine Aboudihaj

Nour-Eddine Aboudihaj London, England

Linda is a goal oriented and task focused coach. I worked with her for almost a year in which she supported me to have drive and motivation to achieve my goals and improve my performance, Her flexible approach and eyes for details made it possible for me to deliver on all my personal and professional commitments on time and on target.

R. O'Toole

R. O'Toole Galway, Ireland

I recently attended Linda’s workshop on time management which I found really useful. I would love it if some of my colleagues could attend next time round!

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