“He who knows others is wise: 

He who knows himself is enlightened.”

Lao Tzu

Some people seem to get on with everyone. That’s usually because they try to understand the other persons perspective. We all do this naturally of course, but how can we improve our own understanding to achieve ‘win-win’ situations instead of conflict?

As individuals, we use a blend of four key styles (DISC ©) resulting in 26 distinct patterns of behaviour and communication preferences.

DISC © helps you to discover your own preferred style and those of others. Knowing these preferences, allows you to modify your language and behaviour to manage and work with people in any given environment. People respond better to people they like and understand, and when we appreciate both differences and similarities in people, we are more likely to lay aside “wrong” and “right” labels.

Can you spot yourself or a friend/colleague from the following? (Hint: Most of us are somewhere in between a ‘high’ and ‘low’ on each of the measures.)




D: Drive.

Someone with a High D intensity will decide for everyone, whereas someone with a Low D intensity prefers not to make decisions at all.

I: Influence.

Your High I friend won’t let you get a word in, whereas you can’t get a word out of a Low I colleague.

S: Steadiness.

The person with a High S score loves routine whilst the Low S person will embrace change in an instant.

C: Compliance.

Someone who is driven by data and facts is a High C. This contrasts with a Low C who can’t be bothered at all with facts and details.




A DISC profile will identify your personal DISC combination (there are 26 combinations in total) and help you recognise how others see you. You will discover how your own behaviour changes under pressure and what motivates you. Importantly it will help you to adapt your communication style with others, according to their own DISC preferences.
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